Chemical elements
    Physical Properties
    Chemical Properties
      Tetramethyl Stannane
      Methyl stannic chloride
      Tin Tetra-ethyl
      Tin Tri-ethyl
      Stannous Fluoride
      Stannic Fluoride
      Sodium Stannifluoride
      Potassium Stannifluoride
      Ammonium Stannifluoride
      Stannous Chloride
      Stannic Chloride
      Stannous Bromide
      Stannic Bromide
      Stannous Iodide
      Stannic Iodide
      Mixed Stannic Halides
      Stannous Oxide
      Stannous Hydroxide
      Stannic Oxide
      Potassium Stannate
      Stannic Acid and its Derivatives
      Parastannic Acid
      Stannyl Chloride
      Parastannyl Chloride
      Stannous Sulphide
      Stannic Sulphide
      Stannic Oxysulphide
      Stannic Iodosulphide
      Stannous Sulphate
      Stannic Sulphate
      Stannic Nitrate
      Stannous Nitrate
      Stannioxalic Acid
      Stannous Tartrate
      Tin and Silicon
      Stannous Tungstate
    PDB 3e94-3kwy

Stannic Sulphate

The feebly basic properties of stannic oxide do not admit of the formation of a stable sulphate; and this is shown by the precipitation of stannic hydroxide when sodium sulphate is added to stannic chloride solution. Nevertheless a crystalline salt of the composition Sn(SO4)2.2H2O is obtained when freshly precipitated stannic hydroxide is dissolved in dilute sulphuric acid and the solution is evaporated. The same salt may be obtained from the solution of stannic oxide in concentrated sulphuric acid, and also a basic salt of the composition Sn(SO4)2.SnO2.2H2O. Both salts are completely hydrolysed by water.

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