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Stannous Bromide, SnBr2

Stannous Bromide, SnBr2, is prepared by allowing molten tin to cool to 200° C., powdering the metal in a mortar, and dissolving the powder in concentrated hydrobromic acid solution. It may also be obtained by heating tin in hydrogen bromide gas, or distilling the metal with mercuric bromide. It is a pale yellow, crystalline mass, of density 5.1, which melts at 215.5° C., and boils at 619° C. The heat of formation of the solid from tin and liquid bromine is 61,500 calories. Stannous bromide forms a hydrate with water, which is probably SnBr2.H2O; it is, however, hydrolysed by much water, with separation of a white oxybromide. With ammonium bromide, stannous bromide forms the complex salt (NH4)2SnBr4.H2O or (NH4)2SnBr4.2H2O, and also, NH4SnBr3.H2O; whilst with ammonium chloride (NH4)2SnBr2Cl2.H2O and with potassium bromide K2SnBr4.2H2O and KSnBr3.H2O result.

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