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Tin Tri-ethyl, [Sn(C2H5)3]2

Tin Tri-ethyl, [Sn(C2H5)3]2, an analogue of ethane, is formed when the iodide Sn(C2H5)3I is distilled with sodium; tin di-ethyl, Sn2(C2H5)4, an analogue of ethylene, is also known.

There are a few points of general interest connected with some of the above compounds. Methyl-ethyl-n-propyl stannic iodide,

was resolved by Pope and Peachey into optically active components. Trimethyl stannic hydroxide, Sn(CH3)3OH, behaves as a very weak electrolyte, though it is a somewhat stronger base than aniline. Di-ethyl stannic sulphate, Sn(C2H5)2SO4, shows a molecular weight in aqueous solution by the cryoscopic method, of 185 to 191, instead of 273, which the above formula would indicate, whence it is concluded that this salt is largely ionised in such solution.

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